Illustrated Hidden History Cards


A detailed, artistic 28 card set exploring the stories of rebel Black communities, beautifully illustrated by Íní Abíódún IG @radfindr


A deeper understanding of the true nature of our African heritage in the Americas that you can engage with time and time again.

Our Stories. Our Brilliance. Our Freedom

We shift paradigms of possibility and encourage togetherness for Black families and kinship networks through educational tools and resources

Connecting To Our Past

Learn about rebel Black societies - known as Maroon communities - and connect to our history of resistance and liberation

Intergenerational Education

Curriculum and resources to support learners of all ages. Create valuable memories, learn together, and deepen our knowledge of ourselves.

Connect To Our Present

A creative way to engage with our current stories of freedom

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Our Story

Supporting the enrichment of local communities

Dr. Crystal Menzies is the Founder & Chief Innovation Officer of EmancipatED, an organization that centers stories of joy and resistance through the creation of Ethnic Studies educational resources and curricula.

Her mission is to cultivate communities of radical dreamers, thinkers, and doers through educational resources, collaborative learning experiences, and storytelling. Dr. Menzies’ current research focuses on cultivating the community cultural wealth of Black students in conceptually-rich mathematics classrooms.


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This booklist centers Black stories by Black authors and was curated by Black educators.

We focused on empowering stories that explore our adventures, our resistance, our African-Diasporan history, or our journeys of self-love, For all ages!

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