Our Mission

We shift paradigms of possibility and encourage togetherness for local communities through educational tools and resources, learning experiences, and community gatherings. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to use the Maroon history of resistance, joy, and innovation to reimagine what is possible for our communities.

Dr. Crystal Menzies

Our Founder

Founded by Dr. Crystal Menzies—an HBCU educated researcher, teacher, & historian of Guyanese+Black American descent—we are a community of Black caregivers, educators and researchers (and some POC accomplices). We help curious learners expand their knowledge about what they think is possible by sharing the stories of free rebel Black communities. We hope these resources inspire you to dream radically.

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Collaboration with Maroons

One thing we not gon’ do is talk about folks while not co-creating with the folks I’m talkin about (one of my pet peeves as a Black researcher in education).

Developing The EmancipatED Experience™ has been done in collaboration with people who are actually factually from Maroon communities. We’ve been working with maroons from:

• Accompong, Jamaica
• San Basilio de Palenque, Colombia
• Helvécia Bahia, Brazil

I’m also collaborating with Black caregiving communities (grandparents, play cousins, uncles, globe-trotting aunties, mommas, papas, other-mothers, etc.) in the development of this product because a multigenerational Black-centered product needs to be created in collaboration with multiple generations of Black people (In our opinion 🙂 ).

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