Maroon Communities

Know anything about maroon communities? Not many do, which is exactly why we’re sharing their dynamic stories in our first EmancipatED experience.

Maybe you’ve already spent a ton on other Black resources. 

Maybe it seems like all of the educational resources you come across are just regurgitating everything you’ve heard before, or even worse...whitewashing a history that you can feel in your bones is waaay more robust than they say...

Maybe you just don’t see how you can trust the educational system to help you find the elements of our hidden history that you know are there…

Well, that’s exactly where we come in.  We are 100% committed to the transformation of our people by lifting up the stories of adventure, hope and togetherness that have always existed throughout our shared history.

And we are committed to pulling the wool from over our kids’ eyes, and sowing the seeds needed to help our communities excel...together.