Digital Resource Page 

Thank you for utilizing our Digital Resource Page. Each of the Experiences in the Exploration Guide includes supplemental resources for your family to use throughout the guides. The numbers and labels below correspond to the prompts in each exploration. The additional resources are intended to supplement and enhance your experience.

Supplemental Resources

  1. Hidden History Cards & Me
    1. Creating Your Own Google Map
  2. Visions
    1. Vision Statements Worksheet
  3. Story Stones
  4. My Message Matters
    1. Murals
    2. Virtual Murals
  5. Communication through Music
    1. Listen to "Music passed from ear to ear"
    2. Maroon Song

      Falla meFire da bunFight for War

    3. Links for drum making drums- choose which one is best for you
      1. Easy Timpani Drum (with plastic bottles and balloons
      2. Balloon Drum
      3. 3 Ways to Make Drums for Kids
      4. Handmade Packing Tape Drum
    4. Make Homemade Music
    5. African Dance Classes
  6. Learning and growing my own herbs
    1. Download and print this workbook or use a computer to keep a digital journal
  7. Wave your flag
    1. Why do flags matter? ViceNews
    2. Country Flags Sheet
    3. Making a flag out of paper